August 22, 2010

denim style book.

District of Chic; Vintage Virgin
Intrigue Me Now; Fashion Cat
Late Afternoon; I Spy Fashion Diary
Fashion She Says; Fashion Chalet
I've been a bit uninspired lately hence the lack of outfit posts, so I dug into the depths of my external hard drive where I keep a "style book" folder to save pictures of my favorite blogger outfits to use as inspiration in times like this. I'm not much of a jeans-and-tshirt kind of gal but these ladies prove that denim doesn't have to be dressed down.


  1. I really love when other bloggers feature their favorite looks because it so often features looks I otherwise might have missed. Thank you so much for featuring my look - it means the world to me that it's inspiration-worthy!

  2. Hi! love your blog! great name, great template! i love :) i also like your profile pic.. im not a stalker honest..

    hope your feeling inspired now? as these pics have really inspired me. they are really lovely shots!
    will be following your blog!

    love kerry

  3. following you on blogspot & blog lovin! good for the stats!!


  4. Thank you so much for your comment !

    My favorite outfit is the one of 'Intrigue me now'

    Friendly. Nelly.

  5. im uninspired too ~ over summer, ready for fall!!!

    heading to pittsburgh this weekend... any suggestions for fun eats / shops?? would love some insider input!

  6. i agree, these ladies did an amazing job styling their jean shirts with their own individual style!! great inspirations <3

  7. Hey !
    "Fashion she says" is my favourite one !great style. all of them-
    Thanks for sharing !

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