i wish that i could be like the cool kids.

Alexander Wang crop top  |  c/o Kill City t-shirt  |  c/o Gypsy Warrior jeans  |  3.1 Phillip Lim 'Pashli' bag  |  c/o Guess shoes

I've been professing my love for unconventional layering like, everyday for the past few months. & in the past week some of my favorite blogger babes (Alyssa, Victoria, Jane, & Lisa) have all rocked the cropped vest over a plain tee & have left me terribly wanting to copy cat. So I did.

p.s. Not sure if you can tell or not, but the sleeves on my t-shirt are the most amazingly buttery soft leather, making this perhaps the coolest 'plain' white t-shirt in existence.

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lust list: deadly ponies.


I've been going back & forth for a month now on whether or not I should 'splurge' on this bag or freeze my card. It comes in a bunch of different colors too but I'm really feeling this cobalt. & while yes, it is real fur (vintage is my rule with real fur), it's only goat (mohair) & is attained the same way you would shave a sheep a.k.a. not harmful to the animal. So the question is, buy or save? Thoughts?

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easter best.

vintage dress via Tunnel Vision  |  Chanel bag  |  Urban Outfitters boots  |  c/o Zero UV sunglasses

Very few items stay a favorite in my closet for very long. I love a piece, buy a piece, wear a piece, get bored & get rid of a piece. I get bored of things very easily. I get bored of clothes, seasons, men, & toxic people with constant problems. Things that won't ever bore me: whiskey gingers, Law & Order SVU re-runs, my cats, black nail polish, & this perfect vintage dress that will always be a favorite in my closet. Priorities man.

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white denim.


The last time my closet housed a denim mini skirt was over a decade ago. But there's been something about white denim for me lately that makes everything appealing. Jean mini skirts & all.

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blue leopards.

c/o 6ks dress  |  Zara crop top (layered under dress)  |  Nasty Gal bag  |  Shoemint boots  |  c/o Zero UV sunglasses

Trying to take the unconventional layering route every now & again during these in-between seasons & skip the sweaters & light jackets & instead opt for shirts & crops under or over dresses (also seen here & here).

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the perfect shoe.


Just a little sneak peek at potentially my new favorite shoes. These bad boys from Guess come fully equipped with everything I love: black & white, pony hair, & clear lucite topped off with a chunky wooden heel. Love at first sight.

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c/o 6ks leather dress  |  Gypsy Junkies sweater c/o Koshka  |  c/o Steve Madden 'Traped' wedges  |  c/o Zero UV sunglasses

My closet's version of the perfect LBD.  Black, lace, leather - does it get any better? Oh it does? That must be the trendy slip dress vibes it's giving off with it's boxy nightgown cut. Dear dress, oh how I love you so.

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east coast winter.

vintage coat  |  c/o Eleven Paris t-shirt  |  American Apparel 'disco' pants  |  Urban Outfitters beanie

Dear laaaawd, who's happy spring's finally right around the corner? This girl, that's for sure. These photos were thankfully taken last month.

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vintage turtleneck  |  c/o Koshka shorts

I have this weird thing with pulling shit in front of my face. Like, if I'm wearing a turtleneck, I'll probably have it pulled up in front of my face while I'm just sitting around. Or my hair. I play with/pull it in front of my face all the time. It's a super awkward habit.

p.s. 15% off my picks at Koshka with the code 'DEVORE15'.

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forest of green.

c/o 6ks sweater  |  c/o Necessary Clothing jeans  |  Louis Vuitton 'speedy 35' bag  |  c/o Isaac Mizrahi shoes  |  c/o Zero UV sunglasses

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