August 24, 2010

a tale of my wardrobe.

My life this next week is about to be pretty hectic & busy meaning no new posts for the time being so I'll leave you guys with some photos of my closet (or lack thereof). I love when bloggers post closet photos no matter how lavish or make-shift they may be. My first apartment when I moved out on my own didn't have a closet at all so I was left with rolling racks & ikea storage. It's crazy to think back on that apartment & wonder wtf I was thinking when I lived there. It was about the same size as the 1 bedroom I live in now & we managed to have 4 people living there at one point. & the best part was the neighborhood: our neighbors to the left would smoke crack on their porch right in front of their kids, the guy below us would steal our mail & peep in our windows at night, & the lady who lived to the right would go around & egg everyone's porches & chase her baby daddy around outside with kitchen knives when they were fighting... needless to say, we broke our lease early & moved. LOL.


  1. Love this pics! :D

    and i love your closet!

  2. You have done a much better job than I have at organizing your closet. I have a rolling rack in our spare "bedroom" right now and it's not at all pretty...