July 7, 2016

red hot american summer.

StyleWe shirt  |  Gypsy Warrior jeans (similar)  |  Forever 21 chokers  Forever 21 earrings  Rebecca Minkoff bag  |  Asos belt  |  Adidas sandals

Dude-dressing in relaxed boyfriend jeans & the shoes of summer: Adidas pool slides. I pretend like that's okay if I pair my dressed-down comfy clothes with femme, flow-y, silk camis & jewelry that says "Hi look at me!" like these dangle-y chandelier things that keep getting caught in my hair but I keep wearing despite my boyfriend saying "Can you please take those obnoxious things off?". No, no I can't. Like, my outfit is so confused with multiple personalities & isn't sure if we're trying to be Sporty Spice or Ginger & maybe we don't care.

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  3. You look hot and any baggy jeans and daddy's slippers cannot change it:) Kidding!
    In fact I love the slippers, would definitely wear them on a beach or to a park walking my dog. But for this particular outfit I would suggest something less.. er.. grunge.