January 28, 2015

midnight blizzard.

Snow days really are magical. & I've been feeling all sorts of magic lately. No, not The Craft, cult-style magic (but I'd totally join a goth 90's cult). But the type of magic that comes from falling in love with life. The type of magic that comes from running around a closed-down city in a snow storm with like-minds (Erica, Laura, Spencer). Sometimes I feel crazy. Picking-up & moving to a new city with no real purpose or direction & leaving behind everyone I love for only a handful of people I know on a whim.. a feeling. But then I remember feeling is what it's all about. When I become numb & stop feeling is when I'll lose my mind. & when I lose my mind I'll lose my magic. Right now I'm living for the feels in any form & that's a beautiful thing. Right now I know I'm where I'm meant to be. I'm coming out of that deep blue & seeing a hint of the sky for the first time. Maybe seeing the world from an indefinable perspective is crazy. Or maybe it's just beautiful magic. I choose magic any day.

(Photos by Spencer Kohn)
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  1. Seems like so much fun ! Love the photos !


  2. gorgeous!!

    xx nikki

  3. Snow storm in style- love it! I agree- the quiet calm of a snowy day really is magical :)



  4. Wow! Impressive shots!

  5. Love these pictures! You guys look great! And I love the writing! Lovely post! xx


  6. It's wonderful that you've found good friends who also blog, that it helps you maintain your magic, and that you had a good time together in the midst of the shut down for the blizzard. I'm glad you didn't get as much snow as there was out on Long Island where I am (I'm still snowed in). I hope you keep enjoying friendship and the love of life throughout these last 7 1/2 weeks of winter and on into the Spring.


    1. Ahh I'm glad we didn't get as much snow as you either.. although it still would have been fun! :)

  7. I haven't been on my blog -therefore I haven't checked any of the blogs I follow (one of them is yours) for 5 months and now you're living in NYC bringing all of this new magic into the blog which sounds amazing and, honestly, I'm really happy for you. I also come from a small town and my dream was to live in a city. Last year I moved to Buenos Aires but my goal is to live in NYC and with all your latest posts I feel like I should grab my bag and just leave.

    well i guess that's the end of the comment, i love this blog and hope one day I can meet you in NYC and do a photoshoot with you ♡

    1. Thank you so much! & you totally should just pack your bags & do it. Best decision I ever made. xoxo

  8. Even though you woke me up from my slumber, well worth the adventure. Mad love for you all.