October 8, 2011

hair care.

 Tresemme shine spray; Suave dry shampoo; Oscar Blandi dry shampoo
The most commonly asked question I get is "girllllllll, how you do your hair like that?", to which I usually ignore the question completely or sometimes reply "I don't do anything". You people don't seem to take those responses so here's a step by step of my process & "secrets":
  • I wash my hair at night. Mainly because I'm not a morning person & I like to wake up & do as little as possible. But also because I don't use a hair dryer & just let it air dry. So I go to bed with it wet & wake up with some sessiii bed head. 
  • I unknowingly let my hair stylist perm my hair last fall. I said I wanted to look like an Olsen twin (talking about color) & totally walked outta there with a full on beach wave perm. LOVED IT. But, perms are expensive & I'm cheap. To get the same beach wave look, make a sea salt water mixture (boil water & mix in sea salt then put it in a spray bottle) & spray it on your hair after you wash & comb it out. It works the same as Bumble & Bumble spray but doesn't cost you anything. Then just take your hands & do a little scrunch action & again, let it air dry. Make sure you use SEA SALT.. regular table salt obviously won't work the same.
  • When I wake up in the morning I sometimes spray a tiny bit of Tresemme shine spray onto my ends. Just because.
  • The only part of my hair I actually spend more than 30 seconds on, are my bangs, which I just straighten.
  • I suppose my only "secret" is that I don't wash my hair often. Gross? Probably. I maybe wash it twice a week & then it's dry shampoo all the way. Before Suave started making an affordable dry shampoo, I used Oscar Blandi, which I still love because it doesn't leave behind any residue whereas Suave leaves a tiny bit of white residue but for 1/4 of the price.. Suave it is. Also, baby powder works just the same.
  • Oh, & my old ombre was not purposeful. Just me being too lazy to dye my roots to the point where they got so bad it became trendy.
That seems like a whole lot of writing for 3 minutes of actual hair care. So.. sea salt, air dry, shine spray, dirty hair.



  1. I normally get asked that question too, but I never know what to say because I don't do much with my hair. ^.^

  2. Does the shine spray work? I have got the same 15 days back but I haven't still use it...

  3. You're amaze and I am totally gonna hook mah self up with some salt spray! I gotta get a squirt bottle, too...

    Also, recently discovered this :

    Its normally $1 something at the drugstores but this is what it looks like. It will detangle and smells like oranges. I feel like its a dry shampoo, or maybe it just wets your hair a bit so you can fuss with it more --

    but I am typically like you -- air dry, and barely any product. And I only like washing my hair 2 times a week as well! I love sleeping in a big braid at night and waking to some sessy currrls....

  4. i have basically that routine as well. totally trying the suave since i currently use the oscar blandi and im broke. holler!

  5. great post!| want to try the products!

    xoxo from rome

  6. these look fab!

    <3 steffy

  7. Yeah, I don't spend veery much time on my hair unless I go out! And if I am feeling especially lazy but still want to look presentable I straighten my hair, and then when I shower I wear a shower cap and ta-da lovely straight hair that slowly turns to waves and then curls throughout the week without having to do anything! hehehe :)

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  10. kkkkk, muito bom! Também não lavo os cabelos todos os dias... e não é nojento!!! Sou cheirosinha!!! rs

  11. great post.. thank you for sharing... :)

  12. isnt ammy R [shameless] is the face of Suave?
    i dont think we have it here, but it seems like a nice one!

  13. Good post.
    I don't use any of these products, 'cause the're not available in my country :/
    I use hair products by Loreal, Gliss and Nivea.


  14. cute pictures with the sea salt mound... haha! i love that oscar biandi stuff so so much, but i use the powder!

  15. I swear by dry shampoo even if my hair's clean I spray a little to get some volume, my hair is always SO flat :'( x

  16. I'm pretty much the same. I use different products. I use a shampoo and conditioner that are made from deep sea mud and sea salts which seems to let me skip the sea salt spray. I stick with the baby powder for a dry shampoo cuz I'm just dirt cheap broke ;)

  17. Thanks for the advice!


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  20. It's probably healthier than using chemicals... But keep in mind, salt absorbs water. There's a good chance that over-use could dry your hair out.