January 5, 2011

shops that make me touch myself.

Since I first started blogging, I've come across so many badass online stores, with the bulk of them being thrift & vintage shops. I love second hand clothing as much as the next person but sometimes it can be such a hassle sifting through racks upon racks of clothing at ground stores just to end up finding only a wearable piece or two. Enter these 5 stores I've picked to showcase today, that have hand picked the best of the best in vintage. Yes, yes, you can thank me later, for now go check out all these shops (click the name for a link) & their websites (because let me tell you, it was very hard narrowing down to just 4 pieces to show)!
Living Divine Vintage. Um Hellooo, there's not a single thing in this store I wouldn't wear. An amazing selection of fur coats & capes & all things that sparkle. Did you hear me? Fur & sequins.. that's pretty much all any girl needs in her closet.
Wicked Plum Vintage. What's the best part about Wicked Plum Vintage you ask? Other than the vast assortment of killerrr vintage pants (among other things), EVERYTHING is on clearance right now & has got to go!
Thrifted. Do you like standing out in a crowd? So does Thrifted. Any lady that shops from this store can be classified as anything but a plain jane.
Twitch Vintage. Upon entering the website for Twitch Vintage, immediate 90's nostalgia will overcome you. Clarissa Explains It All anyone?
The Missing Piece. I've saved the best for last: what's better than vintage clothing? Vintage clothing with a discount code of course! Right now at The Missing Piece, all my lovely readers will receive 10% off their purchase with the discount code BEAUMONSTRE at checkout.. ready... GO!


  1. great shops!! I love that pink dress :D

  2. thrifted looks like it has some great stuff!

    xxo Tess S.

  3. I love Twitch Vintage! :) Wicked Plum seems funky - will check it out now! Thanks for sharing!

    xxxx mervi

  4. corset tops = deliciously wicked. excellent display


  5. Thanks for including me! If I make you think of Clarissa Explains It All then I am truly living the dream. Best compliment of the new year. :)

  6. This is nice! :) love your blog.!!

    Wishing you a great new year for 2011

    Love, OLEN

  7. looks like great stuff! thanks for showing, i'm gunna check them out now tehe

  8. loving the outfits/pieces from Thrifted :p

  9. Wicked and Thrifted have some really dope clothes.


  10. Thanks for for including us in your post. The other stores have a lot of cute stuff too.

    -Sofia Addams (living divine vintage)

  11. Thanks so much for the mention! The other shops are some of my favorites as well.

    Glad to see that Robyn has the dress version of my top. Lets hear it for neutral stripes!