January 2, 2011

sex hair.

dress shopruche.com; necklace gifted; rings handcrafted & vintage
Ever since I got my beautiful new camera (I named her Vivienne by the way..) I realized how it picks up all the little flaws in my photos (i.e. cat hair all over my black shirt HERE) like my blue finger in these photos. New follower? The story kind of goes like this: blah blah blah, drink drink drunk, random persons kitchen at 4am, ex boyfriend = not professional tattoo artist, ex boyfriend tattoos my finger. Et voila: finger turns blue & I'm stuck with a shit tattoo.. forever. So clearly I'll never be able to follow through with my dreams of becoming a hand model.. c'est la vie. Anyway, I was trying to get a shot of my nails but you can't really see the polish well, there's actually a better shot on my twitter HERE. I got the idea from a photo I saw on StyledOn.com, & it's supposed to be like, an ombre glitter look. I'll have to get some proper outfit photos of this dress on another day too because it's so super pretty with a dainty little lace trim.


  1. Great style love I'm a new follower stop by my blog and follow if you like

  2. Vivienne.. great name. My ipod is called charlie.. LOL!! awesome hair! hope you had a great xmas and new years!

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

  3. What a beautiful name!! :D

  4. A good camera always catches small details etc bt thats what makes a good picture :)
    I love how you named your camera though and I love your jewellery


  5. love the name you gave your camera, its a classic

  6. 1. I am in love with your rings and tattoo!
    2. I love cats so seeing that you put at cat in your post makes me so happy!

    You have such a cool blog. I really love it! I am now following you

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    xo Charlotte

  7. gorgeous top! love your outfit

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  8. i love your hair like this,
    it shows your face,
    and that's more personal, my upinion.
    ábout your blog, love it!
    and the tattoo, my sister had also blue spots around hers,
    but you can let the blue spots be removed.
    or the whole tattoo.
    It's not for free, but perhaps it may look better.
    good luck, and keep on bloggin'