September 10, 2010


 (1. my kitty, Dolce; 2. acrylic painting of mine c. 2006; 3. sushi; 4. pastel painting of mine c. 2010; 5. me being lame; 6. little brudder's soccer game)
To say I'm a bit bitter that I'm not currently in NY for fashion week would be the biggest understatement of the year. My mom keeps telling me that I should have just said eff it & hopped a train & went, but my inner responsible self told me to save the money I'd blow on a nyfw trip for moving. Of course only about 40% of my inner self is responsible, the other 60% made me splurge on some goodies including slouchy knits, silver jewelry, & fringe tops.

Hi.. I quit my job, I'm broke as shit, & I'm a shopaholic. 

I spend money & buy new clothes like a heroin addict fiends for a rush of H in their veins. Typing my credit card number into the computer right before hitting confirm while online shopping gives me the same high as an addict tapping a bag & pouring it into a syringe right before shooting up. I'm a fiend. Okay.. maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but it's bad. Anyway, I'm having my own fashion week in Pittsburgh. I'm going to make it a point to dress up & feel fabulous everyday & practice drunkorexia. I'm pathetic. I need to move.

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