September 26, 2010

if I'm just bad news, then you're a liar.

 Forever 21 shirt; Forever 21 sweater; Old Navy DIY cutoff shorts; Sam Edelman moto boots; Forever 21 necklace; handcrafted cuff; Forever 21 hat
Just when I was starting to do so well with posting everyday, I got all flaky & went MIA for a week. I really wasn't missing, just adjusting to life back in the country which includes a whole lot of nights out drinking. Which really isn't any different from life in the city, except at least then I had a job. Now I'm just living at my parent's house working on my alcoholism. Actually, that's kind of why I haven't posted.. I had two pretty rough nights out with old friends. & between the mass consumption of SoCo & dancing on the hood of my friends car the one night & the next night with equal mass consumption of wine & falling every time I tried to climb into another friend's hot tub, my body had looked like I got my ass kicked. & I'm not talking just a few bruises.. more like 22. I mean, I'm so pale as it is so whenever I bruise it already looks worse than it is but I really looked terrible. I'm all healed now though & ready to get back into a normal posting schedule.

p.s. I was trying to blow that damn flower in the third picture & those little bitches would not come off.

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