September 29, 2010

black & blue.

 Old Navy maxi dress; vintage sweater; Forever 21 necklace; Steve Madden clogs
I've been getting pretty jealous of all you west coasters enjoying a lovely Indian summer while it seems that Pittsburgh is skipping fall & heading straight into winter weather (okay I'm being dramatic, but it has been getting really chilly really fast!). Fall is by far my favorite time of year but I hate how it only ever lasts a few weeks around here! Today I snuggled up in a maxi dress with a big old sweater & enjoyed the chills.. but I need to make a plea to the weather fairies that it doesn't get any colder because I'd really love to enjoy my faveee season.


  1. great maxi! looks beautiful on you!


  2. great sweater and love your shoes. I love fall (autumn) too, and also spring. Theyre both a nice medium :)

  3. I love the blue cardi + long black dress
    Lovely !

    See U !

  4. gorgeous outfit, loving the cardigan!

    xx Diana