June 15, 2010

sunday funday.

Forever 21 shirt; Hollister cut-off shorts; Steve Madden shoes; Forever 21 necklace; Marc Jacobs bag
My bff returned home yesterday from a month long excursion throughout Europe. We had a little dinner at my house & pre-gamed before blindfolding her & taking her to the surprise welcome home party myself & my other 2 friends had planned for her. The bar where we had the party is literally a 30 second walk up the alley from my apartment so we put her in the car blindfolded & drove around for awhile so she wouldn't know where we were taking her. However, Sunday funday left me with a nice set of bloody knuckles. We may have pre-gamed it a bit too hard with 2 bottles of vodka in an hours time span & I forgot there were steps to get off my porch so I fell & ate shit on the sidewalk (hence the bloody knuckles). I thankfully felt too good to feel the pain & just laid there & laughed.

You would think after that kind of night & 3 hours of sleep it would be monday lameday & not monday funday, but I woke up with a twitching liver & the only cure for that is another drink. A box of wine & a wine pong championship later I'm finally home & ready for bed. I can hear my bed calling my name from the next room.. or maybe that's the wine talking.

p.s. I lost my sushi v-card today. I'm addicted.


  1. Oh how fun! I love sushi so much :-)

  2. Sounds like you had a
    good day!
    oO and sushi! nomnom.
    Check my new post
    'le soleil', we'd
    love to hear from