April 11, 2016

shop tobi #1.

Tobi dress  |  Forever 21 jean jacket (similar)  |  Rebecca Minkoff  'MAC' bag  |  SixtySeven shoes 

As I threw on this dreamy little navy number & realized it was nice enough to opt out of the jean jacket, I thought "too good to be true". & bingo, it's currently snowing again as I type. At least I know I can look forward to prancing all over in it once pretty spring days stick around. Raise your hand if you're as in love with this drop-it-low back as I am. Insert a big-ass heart eyes emoji here, please.

P.s. 50% off for first time Tobi customers! Shop my favorite categories: Dresses, Crop Tops, Rompers, Jumpsuits, Skirts, Cocktail Dresses, Bodysuits, Cardigans.

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  1. love this look


  2. Replies
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  3. Amazing halter backless dress!!! And i also love the jacket.

  4. i love tobi! this dress is lovely :)

    xo Sarah

  5. Such a lovely dress!

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  7. So cute! This is some amazing inspiration for my outfit!

  8. I love the back detail of your dress. Looks so delicate! xx


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  19. She is looking drop dead gorgeous.

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