September 5, 2010

black & brown.

Old Navy DIY cutoffs; Forever 21 cardigan; Steve Madden oxfords; vintage/ebay/Tiffany's rings; Louis Vuitton "speedy 30" bag; MAC Russian Red lipstick
Black & brown are two of my favorite colors & while most people hate them combined, I feel as if they're going to be my faves they need to learn to coexist in a single outfit. I need to start incorporating color in my outfits.. I've been such a neutral nancy lately. I've just been feeling so blah about all my clothes. If I had a million dollars I'd totally be revamping my closet right now. Unfortunately I don't even have $5 at this point so I'm stuck with what I have & I've gotta make it work. Ughhhh.


  1. hey..thanks for stopping by...
    u have a lovely style....i think black and brown goes pretty well...:)..loving your lv...

  2. Love your oxfords. I need a style revamp too... if only I had the money!

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